USB cable hacking

Al Johnson openmoko at
Wed Aug 27 16:58:10 CEST 2008

On Wednesday 27 August 2008, Daniel Dadap wrote:
> Problem is, the ID pin apparently exists only on the Mini-B connector,
> and doesn't have a corresponding wire inside the USB cable. Has
> anybody on the list done USB connector hacking, and have any tips on
> how to get a resistor in there without interfering with plug in
> operation?

It's worse than that - the only UK source of mini-B plugs I've found is 
Maplin, and the connector only has 4 solder pads :-( They don't bother 
exposing the ID pin as it's so rarely used. So far as I can tell RS, Farnell, 
Rapid Electronics, CPC don't stock the plugs at all. Has anyone found a 
supplier? It's looking like I'll have to fall back on maplin plus surgery and 
delicate soldering...

> Also, what part of the software exactly is responsible for charger
> detection?

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