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Warren Baird photogeekmtl at
Thu Aug 28 00:37:24 CEST 2008

Hi all,

With Raster's image for the keyboard, and the latest updates from zecke's
testing branch, I'm finding my freerunner to be moderately usable as a

However, I'm greedy, and I'd like to get some basic PDA functionality
working.  :-)

Is there a calendar solution available right now that will do the following:
1)  Beep/Buzz to alert me about appointments
2) allow me to import .ical or .vcal files so I can bring my apointments
from my desktop calendar app to my phone
3) allow me to edit calendar entries - either by hand, or by importing an
updated .ical file (without creating dups)

At the moment my 'calendar' solution is to sync my .ical files to google
calendar and rely on the google calendar sms notifications, since as of this
morning, google calendar notifications work.  However, this isn't a great
solution, and I'd much rather be able to have my calendar with my on my

Any suggestions?

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