Sold out ahh

roguemoko at roguemoko at
Thu Aug 28 06:04:22 CEST 2008

arne anka wrote:
>> Like I said, no dramas ... I was just hoping I'd get a lanyard, it's in
>> the pictures :(
> could you post a link to that pics?
> i absotively cannot remember any mention of a lanyard ... (except in  
> "lanyard hole")

Low and behold, the contents in the package has changed since the site 
updated, which was after I ordered my phone of course :)

Nah, look, I really don't care, I was just just getting into the whiney 
spirit most have on this mailing list ... but if there's swag to be had? :)

I bought a nintendo ds just so I could flash it, pull it apart and 
replace the cover with a transparent one and then never use it again, 
except to test the odd rom for the youngsters.

I won't go into my playstation 2 mod failures :)

So accessories are the least of my worries!

I'll be on this list a bit, so if you see me complaining, it's highly 
likely it's in jest, or just in the current spirit of the thread (poking 

I'm quite stoked with what was in the package. I'll check for that hole 
and let you know the delivery instructions if it's missing ;)


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