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Tom Yates madhatter at
Thu Aug 28 10:03:47 CEST 2008

On Thu, 28 Aug 2008, Carsten Haitzler wrote:

> ok. i suck. i have screwed this defsault_profile monkey. 1 last time for 
> the dummies (i.e. - me).
> 1. opkg install illume-config-illume (get illume's config panel and 
> illume keyboard by default - this should be available)

which repository or repositories should i have enabled to get 
illume-config-illume?  i'm running 20080827-asu-stable-rootfs with not too 
much in the way of modification (yet; i only got the phone on 26/8).  i'm 
sorry if i've jumped in in the middle of the discussion and have missed an 
important pre-requisite.

> 2. opkg install illume-config (get qwery button)

that works, yup, thanks.  didn't see a wrench, though, which i was vaguely 
expecting; have i misunderstood other postings?

> 2. echo 'E_PROFILE="-profile illume"' > 
> /etc/enlightenment/default_profile (switch to the illume profile from 
> asu)

sadly, that's what my /etc/enlightenment/default_profile already has in 

> 3. reboot (easiest way to get your x session going again as the 
> default_profile is a command-line hack). :)
> that should do it!

ummm, it didn't - i just lost the qwerty button, and still the same old 
keyboard popped up when i entered (eg) terminal.

getting rid of the qtopia keyboard in favour of a full, non-predictive 
qwerty keyboard is one of my fondest aims at the moment, so i'd appreciate 
any help you can give, and am happy to test stuff!


       Tom Yates  -

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