Partitioning 4GB with the Debian Installer

Pietro "m0nt0" Montorfano monto84 at
Thu Aug 28 12:24:50 CEST 2008

arne anka ha scritto:
>> But why is ext3 not recommended for sd-card when compared to ext2?
> i understood ist because of the additional wear caused by journalling.

Yes, in most cases ext3 is used improperly:
ext3 is basically ext2+journal.
This means that you are going to add some overhead to the data that you 
are writing (journal) producing more i/o gaining no new feature.
You are using no such feature because improperly unmounting an ext2 or 
ex3 partition will sort the same effect, you will lose your data.
Someone may say "hey but you got the journal", yes you've got it but 
where is it written? in the same place of the fs? usually yes, this 
means that if you unplug the sd the data and the journal are unplugged 
at the same time so your data are still lost. Well you can do something 
better mounting the journal in a different support but unplugging the sd 
will still result in a data lost, the inode and filesystem structure 
could survive because of the journal but the real data will be lost.
So after this explanation the advantages in using a journaled fs vs 
another one are so low that is not convenient.
This is what i've understood reading around, may be something is wrong 
but the idea should be something like that.


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