GPS hardlocks OM2008.08

Alexey Kurochkin alexey.kurochkin at
Thu Aug 28 16:24:19 CEST 2008

I do store maps on sim, but it hardly the cause, since all these
programs hang the system while only tango uses these maps.

On Thu, 2008-08-28 at 22:14 +0800, William Kenworthy wrote:
> I seem to have better luck starting with openmoko-agps and waiting until
> a solid lock before starting tango - wholly subjective though.
> I suspect the problem is the SD card where I have the maps stored as the
> display seems to corrupt in such a way as to suggest it couldnt load a
> map when needed.
> BillK
> On Thu, 2008-08-28 at 08:41 -0500, Alexey Kurochkin wrote:
> > When I run any program which uses GPS (Tango, locations, orrery,
> > agps-ui) after some time OM hangs and nothing works. The only remedy is
> > to remove the battery. On the other hand all these programs "work" fine
> > while GPS is turned off. Just turning on GPS does not seem to produce
> > the same effect unless some program is using it. I think it started
> > after that update which fixed GSM problem. Any ideas?
> > 
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