FSO - DPI issues (remote X clients)

rhn rhn at o2.pl
Thu Aug 28 22:13:24 CEST 2008

I've just put my hands on the new shiny (GTA02) and been trying to set it up in a workable manner.
So far so good - GPS tested, wifi has a startup script, I can connect (as usually with desktops) to a remote host to run common apps on it (i.e. instant messenger, Firefox).

Everything seems to be working fine, except of the GTK applications. They all have oversized fonts, taking up a significant part of the screen without a good reason. The scrollbars seem to be the same on a pixel-per-pixel basis as on big screens.
Firefox's rendering pages well, but the UI elements suffer the same problem.

I've tried to make this go away by creating an entry in gconf: /desktop/gnome/font_rendering/dpi, but it didn't seem to change anything.
The X server reports a normal (small) resolution.

Or maybe I'm missing the fact that those fonts are already scaled?

How do I change the DPI so that any GTK X client knows what is right for me?

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