ASU / om2008.8 - opkg upgrade failed - can't ssh into the phone

Yaroslav Halchenko at
Fri Aug 29 00:37:02 CEST 2008

well -- I got into some similar situation a week ago after somewhat
extensive upgrade + install party ;-) (prelink etc) -- just go
into terminal and try to run smth like


;-) would it segfault or not? also do 'lsmod' and see if you've got any
besides ipv6

I am not sure how I did it but now I can't load any module, most of the
programs crash with segfault... can't ssh into etc... can't load
usbserial module to try to setup serial connection to get into the beast
from a computer -- I guess the only escape is to reflash but have
no time at the moment to set it up for use again and it remains to work
as a phone so I postponed for now. Actually I think battery life got
much better without all the useful stuff laying around in memory and
interfacing to all cool hardware ;-)

On Thu, 28 Aug 2008, Torfinn Ingolfsen wrote:
> tingo at kg-home:~$ ssh root at om-gta02.local
> ssh: connect to host om-gta02.local port 22: Connection refused

> Obviously the sshd isn't running fr some rason.
> The screen on the FR is in console (text) mode, and there is no
> keyboard (on screen or otherwise) that I know.

> Is there a way to fix this without reflashing the kernel and / or rootfs?
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