QTopia 4.3.2 resume on incomming SMS bug

Daniel Selinger slite at gmx.at
Fri Aug 29 03:42:48 CEST 2008

Don't know really where to post this, so i do it here, maybe someone
can point me to the right place.

QTopia 4.3.2 suspended and resumed perfectly for me for a whole day
now, which is the most i ever got out of my freerunner until now
without breaking gsm or sleeping forever at some point.
Resume works perfectly with calls.

The only thing i recognized is, when receiving an sms while in suspend,
the phone resumes, but doesn't notify me about an incoming sms, and
when i go to the messaging app, there is nothing new in the inbox.
In fact i know 'something' arrived, because the phone woke up from

All messages which were received during suspend 'arrive' when the first
sms comes in while the phone is awake.

Sent 3 sms during suspend (always waited between until the phone
suspended again), no alert. Wake the phone up manually, no alert.
Send the first sms while awake. Phone alerts me that i have received 4
new sms messages.

Maybe someone can tell me where to report bugs in the QTopia image.

rgds Daniel

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