Re: Re: FSO - DPI issues (remote X clients)

rhn rhn at
Fri Aug 29 09:59:15 CEST 2008

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Od: "Michael 'Mickey' Lauer" <mickey at>
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Data: 28 sierpnia 2008 22:22
Temat: Re: FSO - DPI issues (remote X clients)

> Am Donnerstag 28 August 2008 22:13:24 schrieb rhn:
> > How do I change the DPI so that any GTK X client knows what is right for
> > me?
> Please don't. It is set correctly.
> Instead you might want to change the default size to something reasonable:
> root at om-gta02:/local/pkg/fso/framework/framework# cat /etc/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
> gtk-font-name = "Sans 5"
> -- 
> :M:

Thanks for the info, but that's already set in the image I use (one of yesterday's daily builds).

The local applications seem to know about this setting because TangoGPS has correct sizes.
Is there any way to make remote applications aware of it (or anything similar)?

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