Echo issue on OM2008.08 potentially solved

roguemoko at roguemoko at
Fri Aug 29 12:11:51 CEST 2008

Hi Florian,

Florian Hackenberger wrote:
> I'll cook up a patch to Qtopia-X11, but for the impatient here are some 
> instructions for installing gsm0710muxd on Om2008.08 and injecting the 

Will this patch make it upstream? I don't quite know the who's who of 
the openmoko world yet.

Thanks for finding something to address the problem at such a low level, 
effort greatly appreciated. It will save us all a lot of extra fiddling 
and you've probably opened the door to more people utilising the facility.

As a curiosity, do you know if the problem is inherent in the chip 
design/gta02 or is this fix possibly covering a misconfiguration 
somewhere? I only ask as it seems the feedback (routing?) is internal 
and I'd expect cancellation techniques would not normally need to be 
employed for the handset scenario.

Thanks again.


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