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Fri Aug 29 13:14:58 CEST 2008

On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 7:51 PM, Al Johnson
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> On Thursday 28 August 2008, Michele Renda wrote:
> > Al Johnson wrote:
> > > While we're on the subject of bugs closed for obscure reasons, can you
> > > shed any light on why #1442 was closed? Is there really no intention to
> > > get the headset to work on ASU/2008.x?
> >
> > Where you inserted this bug?
> Not me. I just found it yesterday when someone asked about the headset not
> working. Looks like it was filed, and finally closed, by Openmoko QA.

It was me asking.  I still want a solution.  This is teh sux0rs.

> > I watched the bug 1442:
> >
> > It seem to be that was setted as Qtopia bug, so they will not fix it.
> > So I think they are working on the last framework, so they will not fix
> > it in Qtopia, but in AsU (2008.8 and newer).
> >
> > Then it is only a my opinion, but I don't think that Openmoko doesn't
> > want to let us to use our headset.
> I hope so, but the problem still exists in 2008.8 (Raster image plus zecke
> updates) and the ticket is closed so I fear it won't get any attention.

I would be really disappointed if this is true.  Actual usability of basic
phone functions should be tested thoroughly before release.  I use a
MotoRokr E6 as my regular phone, and find the huge difference in the
usability of the EZX interface and whatever I have seen here to be
insurmountable.  Yeah, of course, Motorola does not release EZX as open
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