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Fredrik Wendt fredrik at wendt.se
Fri Aug 29 13:58:42 CEST 2008

fre 2008-08-29 klockan 16:44 +0530 skrev Nishit Dave:
> Actual usability of basic phone functions should be tested thoroughly
> before release.  I use a MotoRokr E6 as my regular phone, and find the
> huge difference in the usability of the EZX interface and whatever I
> have seen here to be insurmountable.  Yeah, of course, Motorola does
> not release EZX as open source.

OpenMoko doesn't release the software as "complete" either - you bought
hardware with incomplete software.

I'm confident they'll adress that in time. If you can't wait you're
supposed to open the source and dig in yourself. That's just the way
things are (and looking at the amount of traffic you've added to this
list you should know by now).

/ Fredrik, still using a SonyEricsson phone as phone (playing with FR)
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