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> > Would you prefer "aaah...thanks for using me as your phone", or "life,
> don't
> > talk on me about it" modes?
> This is where location-aware (preferably in 4D) comes in. "Hey, you're
> close to the supermarket, and it's open, and you need (these)
> groceries". All this preferably e-spoken, ofcourse...

Yes.  And then we can sample our wives' voices to use with festival?

> This is where a _good_ OpenStreetMap comes in. You'll need a map that
> is as correct as possible, and with as many POI's on it as possible.
> Get your government to open up its road database. It's already being
> done in Europe, and the USA has already donated its Tiger database as
> well.

We have learnt that it is better to do it yourself.  Which is why the
ILUG-BOM [1] had organized an OSM Sprint [2].

Yours truly may be witnessed in the list - complaining about the FR.  I
really would love to see (a) reliable phone functions, and (b) GPRS GUI
working so I can exploit the FR's tremendous potential.

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