OpenMoko & ATT plans (Semi OT)

Kevin Brewster brewsterdesigns at
Fri Aug 29 00:17:55 CEST 2008

I am currently using (for the past 3 weeks) the ATT GoPhone Pick Your

My experience: 

I was using an old T-Mobile phone with T-Mobile Pre-Paid service and
incorrectly assumed that I could not use the T-Mobile SIM card with the

I went to Att's web site, signed up for a $39.99/month plan which
included 300 anytime minutes and 500 night and weekend minutes,
unlimited M2M, nationwide long distance, and rollover balance. I ordered
a pretty sweet Quad-band Pantech C120 phone for $24.99 ($100 online
instant rebate or something) so I could have a backup phone.

ATT's gophone plans seem pretty reasonable - you can
upgrade/downgrade/cancel your plan at any point (obviously taking effect
the next monthly cycle).

I got the freerunner and the ATT phone and the ATT sim card all on the
same day. The ATT SIM worked perfectly with both phones. The T-Mobile
SIM worked with the freerunner except I couldn't see all my contacts.
After searching many hours on google for a way to unlock the pantech
phone, I just called ATT and asked them for it - and they gave it to me,
no questions asked. 

I could then pop the T-mobile SIM into the pantech, copy my contacts to
the phone and then back to the SIM, and then I could see all my contacts
on the freerunner. 

So now I have a T-Mobile SIM and an ATT SIM, both work with both phones.
I can make phone calls no problem, can text no problem. 

By no problem I mean the phone calls go through - not that the quality
is any good. People on the other end complain of echoing or wierd
high-pitched noises. Plus the default volume is much too low. But
hopefully these issues will be resolved in time.

I have not even attempted to get GPS working BTW.

On Wed, 2008-08-27 at 19:15 -0700, Rodney Myers wrote:
> I'm anxiously waiting for my phone (Thanks NYC), and for my contract  
> with verizon to finally expire next month.
> When I switch to ATT, only GSM provider that has decent coverage in my  
> area, I was wondering what plans this groups uses, to get the most out  
> of the phone?
> Basic phone service, SMS/text messages, and I like the GPS feature.
> Thanks
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