contacts: lookup on incoming call

Dale Maggee antisol at
Fri Aug 29 16:40:00 CEST 2008

Tom Yates wrote:
> using ASU (specifically, 20080826-asu-stable-uImage.bin and
> 20080827-asu-stable-rootfs.jffs2) i have a contacts database full of 
> friends, imported via vcard, in which almost all the phone numbers are in 
> internationally-qualified form (eg fred friend, +44 7971 123456).  that 
> way, i can dial them whatever country i happen to be in.
> but when i'm in the UK, and a UK call comes in, it shows up as just having 
> a local number (eg 07971 123456).
> these two numbers are functionally the same, but the contacts-lookup that 
> happens won't identify the caller as fred friend unless i edit the 
> contacts entry to say 07971... rather than +447971... .
> a) do other people find this also?
> b) does this qualify as a bug?
> c) if so, is it a qtopia bug, and therefore (if i follow the discussion 
> aright) not something that should be entered into the openmoko bug 
> tracker?
a) yes, I see the same thing. My workaround: Add the number in both 
formats to the contact (although this isn't strictly neccessary, because 
in AU on the vodafone network numbers seem to appear in the 
international format, so if the number is in the contact in the 
international format it generally works)

b) I'd call it a bug, or maybe a "feature"...

c) not exclusive to qtopia (I'm using 2007.2), but I suspect that it's a 
bug/feature common to more than one set of dialer / messaging / contacts 
programs, although I may be wrong.

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