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Fri Aug 29 16:56:04 CEST 2008


I know this problem from the project.

basically the telco is providing/sending the incoming number (not the
phone). the format of this number seems to vary even with the same
telco. I've seen these

+49 179...
0049 179...
49 179...

I'm not sure if this list shows all possible 'encodings'.

Does anyone know if there is a standard on how to translate these
numbers into each other, which are valid and which not?


Dale Maggee wrote:
> Tom Yates wrote:
>> using ASU (specifically, 20080826-asu-stable-uImage.bin and
>> 20080827-asu-stable-rootfs.jffs2) i have a contacts database full of 
>> friends, imported via vcard, in which almost all the phone numbers are in 
>> internationally-qualified form (eg fred friend, +44 7971 123456).  that 
>> way, i can dial them whatever country i happen to be in.
>> but when i'm in the UK, and a UK call comes in, it shows up as just having 
>> a local number (eg 07971 123456).
>> these two numbers are functionally the same, but the contacts-lookup that 
>> happens won't identify the caller as fred friend unless i edit the 
>> contacts entry to say 07971... rather than +447971... .
>> a) do other people find this also?
>> b) does this qualify as a bug?
>> c) if so, is it a qtopia bug, and therefore (if i follow the discussion 
>> aright) not something that should be entered into the openmoko bug 
>> tracker?
> a) yes, I see the same thing. My workaround: Add the number in both 
> formats to the contact (although this isn't strictly neccessary, because 
> in AU on the vodafone network numbers seem to appear in the 
> international format, so if the number is in the contact in the 
> international format it generally works)
> b) I'd call it a bug, or maybe a "feature"...
> c) not exclusive to qtopia (I'm using 2007.2), but I suspect that it's a 
> bug/feature common to more than one set of dialer / messaging / contacts 
> programs, although I may be wrong.
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