some hardware suggestions

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Sat Aug 30 06:08:37 CEST 2008

On 29 Aug 2008, at 12:04, Charles Pax wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 11:58 PM, Michele Renda  
> <michele.renda at> wrote:
>> And please, don't forgot coffee machine too :)
> Easy. Just find a food place that delivers and takes orders online.  
> Wow, a coffee machine you don't even need to clean. Find a delivery  
> place that takes orders over the phone and you have yourself a a  
> voice-activated system.

I am reminded of the SGI `burrito` command - it was all that was  
necessary, apparently, to send your order to the local food-delivery  
company via the company's fax server.

I believe that `burrito` was aware of the different entrances to or  
parts of the SGI campus to which you might wish your snack delivered,  
and of course this must be specified by the user. Defaults were read  
from the user's .burritorc file, but could be overwritten by flags  
such as --extra-cheese (or whatever - sorry, we don't have burritos  
in the UK).


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