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Michael Zanetti michael_zanetti at
Sat Aug 30 18:24:43 CEST 2008

On Saturday 30 August 2008 18:12:26 Thomas Bertani wrote:

> you rebooted after copying the mp3 files on the phone?

Yes. It was just a guess that it could be sufficient to restart the X-Server. 
Rebooting the device works for sure. While looking through your processes you 
will find one called "/opt/Qtopia/bin/mediaserver". I think this is the one 
that needs to be restarted. But how I already said. I cannot test it 

> and where do you copyed the mp3 files? in which folder?

/home/root/Documents/<Artist Name>\<Album Name>\<File Name>.mp3

I'm quite sure it doesn't matter what folder structure you have. It depends 
just on what folders the mediaserver searches for files.

Good luck.

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