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Sat Aug 30 18:41:44 CEST 2008

2008/8/30 Dylan Reilly <dreilly at>

> There are several tricks to getting the qtopia media player to find your
> music properly.
> 1) Your  music must be located in one of the paths defined in
> /opt/Qtopia/etc/default/Trolltek/Storage.conf (or something similar, I do
> not have my device at the moment). By default those are only /home and the
> *first* partition of the SD card. You can edit Storage.conf to your liking
> but will have to restart X to get it to start reading the new file systems.
> 2) There seems to be a problem with both media players where they will fail
> to properly read files (id3 tags and playing) when your files are either
> stored not on the first partition of the SD card, or if the partition is not
> formatted as FAT. I say either because I have not tested further to discover
> which is the real culprit.
> As to the qtopia media player being slow, it is only slow the first time it
> loads per device boot. It seems to do much reading and caching the first
> time through. If you keep it up for a while the experience improves
> significantly.
> Finally, there is still a issue with pulse audio suspending. If you have a
> stream open through pulseaudio when you resume pulseaudio will be "locked"
> and nothing will play. One might be able to rectify this by killing
> qtopia-mediaserver after suspend but I have not tested that. If in doubt,
> turn off suspend before playing music.

thanks but... My mediaplayer, I have just tryed, doesn't see mp3 files but
only wav ones... why? oO
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