Dietmar Friede friede at
Sun Aug 31 13:28:34 CEST 2008

On Sunday 31 August 2008, Michael Kluge wrote:

> Yes. Compiling pixman breaks with an unresolved symbol
> "pixman...something". There was a message about this on devel on Aug.
> 13  and the answer was like "please wait 1 or 2 weeks, sources will be
> fixed until then".
If I remember well - I am an old man ... - . This happened only if you tried
to build FSO in the openmoko environment. Do not do that.
I looked into the different builds. The last time pixmap was build in a
"testing" on my machine was the 14.8. (Aug.14). It was not different from
earlier builds in stable or dev. Same source, same result.

If you want to build FSO / SHR:

I copied the Makefiles and scripts from that machine and build FSO
successfully, too. There were only minor problems with svn predicates.

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