debian/apm/apmd - experimenting

Flyin_bbb8 flyin.bbb8 at
Sun Aug 31 14:34:26 CEST 2008

Try to update the kernel (don't forget the modules)

take the modules tgz and uImage from there -->
depmod and don't forget to add "g_ether" to your /etc/modules (for the
usb0 to work)

yea it is s2ram, s2disk would take much more time and would not be
usable if ur using freerunner as a phone (that's what i think, what's
the fastest s2disk can do? )
> But my real problem starts when it comes to resume my neo.
> How would i do this?
> The power button has no function at all while in suspend, no matter how
> long i press it. It seems that somehow the link between the power button
> and the resume function is not given by default even though it is
> written in the debian wiki page.

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