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Yaroslav Halchenko at
Sun Aug 31 18:40:30 CEST 2008

> We want to let the community join and give commit rights to individuals. In 
> the OpenWRT world they are able to give commit rights to single packages but 
> they use SVN. Is that possible with git as well ?
since noone followed up I will add my .1 cents:

I don't know if a fine-grained control is possible to allow which user
could modify which subdirectories. BUT there is a way to control what
user is allowed to advance which head -- ie which branch could be
modified by which user.

for the description of such setup.

I guess if you are to have relatively large number of allowed users and
lack of a person who would be responsible for merging per-person
branches, the easiest way is just to create .community branches
(e.g., to which add permission to commute to a
set of community members.

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