OM2008.8, sound not working after resume from suspend

Nishit Dave stargazer.dave at
Sun Aug 31 19:48:36 CEST 2008

I know this has been said ad nauseam, but now I have a real reason to
complain.  Please standby for a little horror story: my little daughter got
lost in a busy mall, and I had made the mistake of only carrying my FR
along.  Now the mall's administration was calling me up after getting my
number from her, but I could not talk to them as the phone had been in
suspend mode when the call came in.  Luckily my wife's mobile was working so
we managed to call back, and were put on hold for some time before we got
our daughter.

An hour later, by chance, my wife and I got separated somehow (holding one
child each) and I lost the signal as I entered the basement.  I went back
upstairs looking for her, and the FR seemed to be registered to the network,
but neither calls nor sms were working.  A restart and 10 minutes of waiting
later, I was back to square one.  No sound even some time after
registration, but sms saved the day.

Later in the night, I had put the phone on suspend as I was driving.  I
checked with the home phone, again no sound!  So I have now put the FR in
the cooler as I will be traveling for more than a week, and can't risk
missed calls.

Now here's the bottom line: OM should either resolve the
suspend-resume-sound issue, or give us a way in which the screen can be both
blanked and locked.  The current design 'feature' that a screen-locked phone
cannot be blanked is really, well, unfortunate.
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