GPS testing on 2008.12

Jan Henkins jan at
Wed Dec 24 02:37:10 CET 2008

Hello all,

I hope somebody here might have an idea or two that might shed some 
light. I've trawled for HOWTO's and recipes on how to get the GPS 
working on my FR, but to no avail, none of them worked at all. In order 
to to some low-level testing to acertain whether I have a possible 
hardware problem or not, is there a way to check the GPS device for 
activity of some sort? I've left agpsui running for almost half a day 
(with GPS enabled in Settings of course), but I get no good fixes or any 

The rest of the phone seems to be working OK, I  manage to make/receive 
calls and SMS's reliably. I have even managed to sort-of stabilise 
2008.12 with regards to suspend, and also managed to get Enlightenment 
to stop crashing all the time with Illume (thanks to Yaroslav's WIKI 
entry!). Any ideas how I can do some low-level testing on the GPS device?

Thanks in advance!

Jan Henkins

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