[WikiReader] French Image

Thomas Hocedez thomas.hocedez at free.fr
Tue Dec 1 00:00:42 CET 2009

Hi people.

I manage to generate a French image for the wikireader .. but it is not 
usable. A sad "Failed to load article ...." is always displayed.
My image strangely a single 1.4Go file ... any idea ?

Second bad news for tonight : as I dismantle the WR to be more 
convenient to change SD card (by soldering batteries outside), I check 
for some room to add leds to backlight the screen. In one hand there is 
no way to backlight screen (with AAA batteries I mean), in the other 
hand, my touchscreen doesn't respond anymore ! I will only use the 
"random" button  'till I found some spare parts (I think the ribbon 
might be broken) and I don't want to let the project down right now !

I'm regenerating an image. using lasts scripts. We'll see tomorrow.

Tilmasn did you manage to generate something good ?



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