OT: Which MicroUSB adapters/cables do I need to buy?

Brolin Empey brolin at brolin.be
Tue Dec 1 20:22:10 CET 2009

Hello World,

My colleague has a Freescale dev board with a MicroUSB receptacle.  He wants
to connect a USB hub to the dev board and also connect the dev board to his
PC (1 at a time, not both at once!).  Can anyone please tell me which
specific adapters and/or cables I need to buy in order to accomplish these
goals?  I mean can you provide links to products in a Web store, such as
DealExtreme or another store you think is a good choice for shipping to
Canada?  I live and work in Delta, British Columbia, Canada.  I have checked
some local and Canadian stores (A-Power, NCIX, ACP Marketing,
TigerDirect.ca), but none have what I need.  The only store that appears to
have what I need is DealExtreme:  I can buy a cable with a full-size A plug
to a Micro A/B (I do not remember which one.) plug, but then I still need a
full-size A gender changer to connect a USB hub to the dev board, but then I
need 2 cables + a gender changer or 1 cable, 1 gender changer, and 1
full-size A plug to B plug adapter (the size depends on the receptacle on
the USB hub) just to connect a USB hub.  I have already spent hours
searching for adapters and/or cables, but I am more confused than when I
started.  Are there adapters with a Micro A/B plug and a full-size A
receptacle for connecting USB hubs to Micro receptacles?

I know this is off-topic because the FreeRunner uses Mini, not Micro, USB
connectors, but I thought someone here could help me.


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