[shr] vnc-server?

David Lanzendörfer david.lanzendoerfer at o2s.ch
Wed Dec 2 08:20:30 CET 2009

playya and I were also wondering, if ewww would make it into OE/SHR.
The screenies he showed me were very exciting.
Smart, and simpel, and there is enough place left on the screen, for showing 
the whole website content at once on some pages (e.g. google start page 
shouldnt give the need to cut it)
What it looks like concerning this autoscrolling and so on, I don't know, 
because it doesnt seem to be available as bitbake recipe (basically not as 
separat recipe). Or did I overlook something? If its in there, how is it's 
recipes name?
I'm burning to test this browser my self.
I've got two potential devices to test the browser's behaviour on.
OM-GTA02 and HTC-Dream. (Both with SHR)

best regards
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