Dbus through network? Re: Digital Media Controler for DLNA

Arigead captain.deadly at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 13:47:53 CET 2009

Christophe M wrote:
>  > Cristophe you finally succeed in using dbus trough network? that's
> awesome!! :)
> Yes, I'm working on that ! I'm able to call remote methode, remote
> methodes with arguments and very soon remote methodes that return some
> values .. 
> There is just connection to remote signals and build in security missing ...
>> yes I have read about gabriel project before(two monts or so) was not
>> updated since early 2008 now seems than a new maintainer has picked up
>> the baton but not new commits yet.
>> gabriels aproach is more secure but lacks a direct way to play with as
>> Cristoph proposal :) and lazy as I am I will love to play with qalee
>> integrated remote dbus :), I have to take a look to boxee(boxee.tv
> <http://boxee.tv/>) to
>> see if it has a dbus interfaces to play with too :)
> I didn't know about this project before, but I think they are different.
> What I want to do I to propose a simple access to the remote bus with
> build in encryption and interface filter. I don't want to share an
> entire bus .. Shs approch is less hacking but could be harder to get it
> working. My project will be : Launch a daemon on the pc with a file with
> exported methode and a password as argument (or setted via dbus), launch
> a daemon with a password as argument (or setted via dbus) on the phone
> (or what ever you want)
> and access the remote bus via a single methode, you'll know that you are
> calling a methode on a remote machine ...
> I just want it to be simple, to use and to implement
> I know that dbus is able directly to be used on network but that's not
> easy to get it working, that's not documented and that's not secure ...
>     ?? gabriel *is* the direct way! you *are* on the remote dbus :) and
>     above all it run very nice with the freerunner too.
>     I'm using it to develop veeery fast on my pc using FSO on the
>     freerunner.
>     Oh, there is another solution (unmaintained due to few requests) to
>     control a remote Linux Box iniecting lowlevel uinput events (emulating
>     keyboard and mouse, it runs on text vt too), or executing remote
>     commands (like dbus-send, etc.) :
>     http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/NIDE/NIDED
> You can use the keyboard that come with the last release of qalee and my
> daemons for it ;) (the keyboard is based on dbus and is divided on two
> part (see svn, documentation soon))
>     and will be integrated in an upcoming Qt DE too.
>     That's only to say I'm sad that peoples did not join a common project.
> To join a project, you have to know about it ;) But I think that those
> differents approch can coexist, they are different to use.
> If you don't like mine, I don't care, you are not obliged to use it, for
> me and other peoples it's utile as it is. That's free software :)
> ( For example I can say the same about Enlightenment ... I don't like
> it, their were kde, gnome, ... why people are developing for it instead
> of developing for other DE ? But I don't care, you have the choice to
> use what you want and develop for what you want ... )

Interesting thread, which I'm only catching up with. I've actually been
busy working on something where by I wanted a DBus Signal from my
FreeRunner sent to my eeePC. It was single Dbus signal for the
CallStatus out of FSO, so I simply wrote a small python all to monitor
the Signal and then fire a message over a unix socket to my eeePC which
then fired out a Signal onto the DBus of the eeePC. Not at all pretty
but it works.

Part of our Java :-( Project is to do with learning user behaviour and
pre-empting that behaviour. I was using the signal on my eeePC to turn
off the Music automatically. SO when we answer a call on the Phone the
music gets paused in RhythmBox (Hangup the call and it gets started
again). Our project is using Jxta as a networking solution but it would
be much better if Distributed or remote DBus was more nailed down. I did
see the gabriel project but I've been in a hurry, hoping to demo soon
and used the simple socket. It would be great if we could input to the
DBus Standard in the distributed area.

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