[WikiReader] Do no take it apart...

Thomas HOCEDEZ thomas.hocedez at free.fr
Mon Dec 7 10:07:04 CET 2009

Hi Wikireaders,

As you know (or will know) I took apart my Wikireader to view what lives 
inside, and try to add some backlight.
This idea, as great as it can be, revealed to be a REALLY bad idea. The 
WR's motherboard is link to the screen by two 'ribbons' conenctors (I 
don't know the english name) which are REALLY thin and FRAGILE. I 
removed them really carefully, though, the touch screen don't respond 
anymore. :-(

I tried to resolder point by point this -really- thin ribbon, but 
nothing did the trick....

I'm in relation with the support team at Openmoko, who told me this 
device is not designed to be hard-tweaked as the freerunner is. So this 
kind of mistake is not covered by the warranty !
So, I just can ask you to avoid opening your WR. (the soft tweak is not 
dangerous for the device, as all the system remains on the SD card)

For those who wants, I took some pictures, so if you want to see take a 
look  at http://freerunner.daily.free.fr

Wikireader addict.

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