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Wed Dec 9 14:13:59 CET 2009

I'm new to this list, my name is Tobi.

Looking for an Freerunner application to record my bike-tours including heart-rate I found an old thread at

Are there still people interested into this topic. Meanwhile I found a provider of such a bluetooth heartrate chest strap.

Its the web site of a distributor located in germany, the heart rate chest strap is (as far as I know) produced by Zephyr located in New Zealand.

To implement it into an application (I would prefer tangoGPS) there is either an SDK (free of charge ?!?) available at the manufacturers website I think. And there is also already an open source application supporting that device, so getting it working should not be such a big thing ;) The application is called eCOACH, its an maemo project. See

for further information.

I could do some of the implementation if there is some interest in getting this into tangoGPS. Propably someone even knows some of the people from that old openmoko-devel at and can ask them if they are still interested. Maybe together we could get that thing started.

Kind regards, Tobi
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