Homemade USB gamepad (NeoPlay)

Bastian Muck bastian.muck at gmx.de
Thu Dec 10 18:00:31 CET 2009

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Laszlo KREKACS schrieb:
> On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 3:54 PM, ANT <ant007h at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Laszlo KREKACS wrote:
>>> I think the full screen issues is just some temporary xfce issue.
>> Actually I just switched LCD to QVGA mode, not XFCE itself.
>>> Btw, if you are interested having a 3D case, just shoot me an email
>> Sure, I'm interested in that. But it is needed to design a CAD model.
I may
>> try to make one if I have enough spare time. Then I'll email you. Or
you may
>> help with designing too?
> Im a beginner too (in CAD modelling). I imagine the workflow something
> like this:
> you model it, I print it. Then I post pictures of the print, how is it
> looks like on the
> freerunner, where are the design faults, and printing faults.
> Then we fix it, and print again. And again, and again.
> As far as modelling is concerned, this is the open source toolbox:
> - blender
> - openscad
> - qcad
> - inkscape
> Inkscape is great for the logo for example (import it into blender,
> extrude it, etc).
> qcad +openscad is great for accurate modelling. qcad for 2d, openscad for
> 3d (extruding 2d, boolean it, etc).
>> I assume you meant a separate case for gamepad addon, but it also would be
>> great (as arne anka said) to have a full replacement gaming case for
>> Freerunner, or at least a LCD cover with integrated buttons.
> As arne have asked too, I own a reprap machine. So there are some
> namely:
> - the printing process is achieved layer-by-layer printing. About 0.5mm
> so you can feel them with your nail. At least 2 layers required to
> really bond together.
> - some postprocessing is required, polishing the plastic, to get rid
> of the layers,
> and have a better look
> - no overhangs less then 45 degree. (ie. I cant print a standing
> letter T because,
> there is nothing under the top part of the T. Or the roof of the
> house. (ie. four walls
> plus the roof).
> So summing up, we need at least 2mm thickness. So printing out the original
> case is impossible, because it has less then 1mm of wall thickness.
> But for prototyping, or having a gamepad, what you posted does not impose
> such a strict limitation. So nobody really care if it is 3mm or 5mm thick.
> Here is a picture to get an idea about printing quality (I printed an
> iphone docking
> station for my friend):
> http://sites.google.com/site/laszlokrekacs/reprap/iphone2_k.jpg
> Btw I also plan to design a docking station. Anyone interested to
> collaborating?;-)
With which software do you design the dockingstation? I have some
experience with blender. If you use it, I could help.
>>> and I can print you one if you are in EU. (im sure we can figure out
>>> how to ship to worldwide)
>> I'm not in EU.
> Ok we arrange it somehow.
>>> (or having electrical board in return;-)
>> Of course ;)
> Great!
> Best regards,
>  Laszlo
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