[WikiReader] Battery Life

Jeff jcolbert at netins.net
Sat Dec 12 06:30:41 CET 2009

Alkaline, the original energizer batteries that came with the device. I 
may have some NiMH batteries lying around somewhere, but I don't have 
any AAA lithium polymer nor a suitable charger.

Alex Teiche wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 11, 2009 at 4:08 PM, Jeff <jcolbert at netins.net 
> <mailto:jcolbert at netins.net>> wrote:
>     I just burned through the 2nd set of batteries with my wikireader in a
>     month and a half. I know I have averaged less than 15 minutes a day of
>     on time, so I am getting no where near the 90 hours of battery life
>     advertised. Don't know if I have a bad one, or if the code needs
>     tweaking.
>     Anyone else notice the battery life has not been so good?
>     Jeff
> I don't have a WikiReader, but are you using Alkaline or Lithium 
> batteries?  The voltage of Alkali based batteries will decrease over 
> time, so that often they will not be able to power an electronic 
> device even though they are not fully discharged.  Lithium batteries 
> are best for things like the WikiReader because the voltage stays 
> constant for the most part.

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