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Ivan Perez ivan.perez at
Thu Dec 17 13:17:57 CET 2009

There are many techniques to make a phone "know" whether you
are the person using it, and many things that can be done in that case.
I see two possible orthogonal courses of action:

* Add stuff to know whether the user is the owner:
 - It could ask you a password from time to time, or  when the phone
"brought to life from suspension", and do something if you fail to
provide the right password too many times.
 - Since locking a stolen sim is quite easy, changing the sim could
 be a symptom of a stolen phone.
 - In a more ideal world, it could "listen" to you and play the voice
 - Also in a more ideal world, it could probably measure the length of your step
 when you walk.

* Act if the user is not the owner.
 - Gather data to ID the user and locate the phone (GPS coordinates,
current sim card
data, whatever).
 - Send it to you (by SMS, email, whatever) silently, or publicly post it on
 some website: "Hi, my name is FR, and I've lost my friend Jimmy. I'm currently
being held up in XXX. Help me Openmoko Community, you're my only hope".
 - Record it somewhere in the phone (so that it cannot be easily removed).
 - Disturb you as much as possible: lock the phone completely or show
 a big sign with the word "stolen!", play a sound aloud,
 add fake SMSs from (possibly) fake mistresses; download illegal porn from the
 internet (and play it fullscreen); play strange sounds in the middle
of conversations.
 Invert the screen every now and then; call erotic services
periodically after you put
 the phone in silence mode, with the speaker on; call "bomb!" really loud
 when set if "airplane"  mode; turn the vibrator on (permanently, or
even better,
 randomly); wake you up in the middle of the night and when the phone is moved,
 say "Sorry, did I wake you up? I wouldn't if you gave me back my
f***cking phone!"
 - Send stuff to your contacts: like "Sorry, life is just too awful. I
can't go on. Last night
 I even stole a phone!".
 - Register a twitter account, and publish everything the user does,
where he goes, etc.

Just to name a few... :)

It's a pity it doesn't have a camera, that would have been soooo awesome.


On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 12:05 PM, Ivan Perez <ivan.perez at> wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 11, 2009 at 11:59 PM, Pieter Colpaert <freepage at> wrote:
>> ...
>> 1. Sms sentry. Put that application, or a similar one, in every light
>> image we got: It will reply the GPS coordinates when texting
>> sentry:location to moko.
>> 2. When another sms is send we should be able to put the volume to max
>> OWNER TRIES TO FIND IT. I'd be happy to record that voice. And display
>> contact information on the screen delivered by sms.
>> What do you guys think? Saving €230 with 5 lines of code seems a big
>> deal to me (€230 + sim card + personal configurations + a lot more
>> personal stuff actually).
> It's not 5 lines, unless you want *anyone* to be able to get your
> current GPS coordinates by simply texting you "sentry:location".
> and to be able to make u spend a lot of money by sending you that message
> again and again. Point 2. could be great to disrupt your most important
> meetings or, why not, bother you while you're having sex.
> The sms would have to be crypted or signed, for which a password or
> public key would have to be stored in the phone first.
> And if you do it in Haskell (am I the only person in the world using Haskell
> to write code for the FR?), that would be around 6 lines :)

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