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Patryk Benderz Patryk.Benderz at esp.pl
Wed Dec 23 16:25:08 CET 2009

> 1) if I look back, yes it was me mistake
> now I thing is better make Template:DistributionBox for each
> distribution. It will be better for use on wiki and It will be on all
> page actual
Lets discuss this in separate thread, and after new year begins, as this
will be long discussion I suppose, OK?

> 2) If you want history what distro's versions were working on what
> hardware, I thing is better start make new page on wiki call something
> like: History what distributions versions working on what hardware
> In this system if you wan this information, you must brows the wiki
> and remember how it's changing 
Will you create AND *maintain* such a wiki page? If you think you have
enough time to maintain another wiki page then you are welcome to do
it :), but maybe you could dedicate this free time of yours to take care
of many old and outdated wiki pages that need fixing?

> 1) it about translating templates and using on localize page on wiki
> if you use sub-templates, it will be actual also on localize page
> which use translate Template:DistributionBox
I think templates should be universal, not translated. This can be done,
but after new year, OK?

> 2) if some distributions start work on new hardware, it thing it will
> be written like text on news
I do not understand, please explain.

> 3) I don't  know, I'm not programmer... I thing the history page of
> changing sub-templates can be use  automatically on page:
> History what distributions versions working on what hardware
I do not understand. But lets leave this history stuff for now.
> 4) On wiki: http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Distributions
> In the Names of Distibutions you don't use number of version
And what is the question? Because i do not know if you think it is good
or bad?
	Anyway, I'll try to explain according to my knowledge. First of all
there is no section called "Names of Distributions" on this wiki page,
so please be precise. I guess you are talking about "Overview" section?
	If you are talking about "Hardware/Works" boxes in "Overview" section,
than I have to admit I didn't know that these templates are used
anywhere else besides "Community Updates". Now since I know that, it
changes my point of view. Those "Hardware/Works" boxes can't be used to
keep history anymore. But they fit nicely to reduce amount of work for
wiki editors (like us).
	What I do not like, is their naming schemes. Now their names suggests
that these boxes shows, what software can run under some distro.
Additionally you need to keep naming scheme consistent with other
templates (do not use spaces). IMHO it need to be changed to reflect
their purpose. Example:

Template:Works on Android -> Template:AndroidSupportedHardware
Template:Works_on_Debian  -> Template:DebianSupportedHardware
Template:Works on Gentoo  -> Template:GentooSupportedHardware
Do you mind if I ask you to rename these templates according to these
	In order to help you within this work, I will add these templates to
http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Templates page, as they are not listed
there. Oops, I forgot to add Template:DistributonBox also, mea culpa.
	Does everyone agree for this solution?

> 5) News can use Distributions box and under him write changes
> now is change in DistributonBox and it make this template useful only
> for news page
I assume you want to make separate Template:DistributonBox for each
distro? Lets discuss this in separate thread, and after new year begins,
as this will be long discussion I suppose, OK?

> I hope some of me ideas it will be useful.
> Kukide
Indeed, ideas were useful. Thanks

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