[shr-u] GPS not working

Fox Mulder Quakeman1 at gmx.net
Sun Dec 27 13:31:29 CET 2009

Neil Jerram wrote:
> 2009/12/22 Bill Kenworthy <billk at iinet.net.au>:
>> Use settings/position and "remove AGPS data" - I suspect that it
>> installs with a AGPS data file that by default doesnt suit your location
>> - I cant get a lock without cleaning it out after install, then its
>> fine.
> Apropos of that, I wonder why the software doesn't attempt to get a
> fix both using and ignoring the AGPS data, simultaneously?

The gps chip itself locates the satellites and get a fix and not the
software. And the gps chip can only start with agps data or without it.
You can't use one gps chip to do two simultanious gps locations with
different start conditions.


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