[Shr-User] Quick e-mail poll: Still using your Freerunner?

Vasco Névoa vasco.nevoa at sapo.pt
Thu Dec 31 19:20:20 CET 2009

Risto H. Kurppa wrote:
> Do you use FR as your daily/primary phone?
It's my only phone for over a year. I did the buzzfix and gps cap myself 
and got no complaints there.
Adjusting the call volume is a sorely missed feature, though.
But the slowness of the software does tend to screw up things when more 
than one thing happens at the same time (simultaneous incoming calls, etc.)
> Do you use FR as your primary PDA?
GPS, password vault, the occasional Mokomaze.
GPRS and WIFI are too unstable for any real connection, so no web or email.
And bluetooth is just not there (no GUI == not there for the user).
Does anyone else have trouble doing opkg ugrade over gprs? mine hangs 
after a bit.
> What distribution you run most of the time?
SHR-U (currently the old one from September, which works stable enough 
as a phone.)
The new Testing is quite broken, and I couldn't understand why the new 
Unstables where older than the Testing ones. Now that I see a lot of 
people is using the Unstable, it's probably meant to be like that -- and 
just opkg upgrade all the time. Will try it today...
> If you don't use FR as your daily phone/PDA, what phone did you change
> over to, and why?
I haven't switched out because it is good enough as a simple working 
phone and a very basic GPS. Other than that, it is crap.
I don't blame the community for the state of things; I think that 
Openmoko.com started by biting off much more than it could chew, failed 
to build a solid community, then realized the dead end which they put 
themselves into, and backed out on all of us into "plan B". I understand 
the economics that forced OM to reboot and start over with the 
Wikireader, but I will always resent the fact that I spent 300 EUR on a 
badly designed and even worse tested hardware. I cannot forgive them for 
releasing this HW into the public without a fully patched kernel and 
drivers and a full list of known caveats after an honest effort to 
completely test the device. They somehow thought that time-to-market was 
more important than quality and reliability. Personally, I think there 
is no forgiveness for them because of this. Having said that, I am 
admired at this community that still keeps kicking the dead horse with a 
passion, and there is a small thread of hope inside my heart that this 
brick will someday fulfill at least half of its promises. And if it 
does, it will all be due to the work of these last few heroes - and I 
thank you so much.
The Openmoko project is to me a disappointment as big as the 
cancellation of SG-1 and Firefly: there was still so much to do and say, 
but economics had the last word. Well, at least there are positive 
things left behind like the FSO and the colorful ecosystem of other 
distros and apps.
Have a nice 2010 everyone!! :D
May the source always be with you.
> Thank you :)
> r

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