IO errors when booting from SDHC 4gb Sandisk card

Olivier Berger oberger at
Thu Jan 1 10:31:09 CET 2009

"Michal Brzozowski" <rusolis at> writes:

>>> interesting. i thought it was fixed in recent u-boots.
>> If so, it is fixed in 2.6.28 kernel. I have similar trouble with
>> Kingston 4GB SDHC, and with 2.6.24 i can't get access to SD card (only
>> sometimes, very rarely) even with messing with sd_max_clk parameter.
>> With 2.6.28, without specifying sd_max_clk it gets access, but only
>> for some (2-3) minutes. With lower sd_max_clk and 2.6.28 it works. But
>> it's still annoying - I have resume problems (and not only) with
>> 2.6.28, so i'm using 2.6.24. I will later put some info from dmesg and
>> after messing with voltage on kernel maillist.
> Which 2.6.28 image are you using?  I downloaded one from people/andy,
> but it still doesn't boot for me.

Maybe you guys would like to improve : too ?

Just my 2 cents,

Olivier BERGER 
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