Cellphone sizes

Milos Mandaric milos at manda.com.ba
Thu Jan 1 13:27:32 CET 2009

U Pet, 02. 01. 2009., u 00:57 +1300, Ben Wilson je napisao/la:
> Sean's comment that 3G modules are currently "too big" has got me 
> thinking about cellphone sizes.
> Maybe it's just me but I don't really see the fascination with keeping 
> phones small.
> I would be happy with a phone larger than GTA01/02. Something a bit 
> smaller than a Sony PSP.
> Really the only size constraint i have is the size of my pockets, which 
> are quite big :)
> A PSP-like sized phone would relax the size constraints that were 
> present in gta01/02 development and allow a wider range of chipsets to 
> be considered.
> There would be room for some of the wish-list items such as an external 
> flash slot, empty internal space for add-ons, fully powered usb port, IR 
> remote control port,  external analog and digital IO, much bigger 
> battery, few more button/wheels and of course maybe a 3G module.
> It would also allow for a bigger screen which I think helps any 
> touchscreen phone.
> However I guess a phone that size might not appeal to everybody?
> Ben.

You are right! I have only small pockets and that device would be more
like MID than cellphone. A lot of people would need to carry bags
because of it which is bad.
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