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Fri Jan 2 13:09:47 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi all,
| I've been messing with u-boot and need some help.
| I was trying to set the "rw" parameter into bootargs to boot 2008.12
| from SD. After a couple attempts, I had too many entries in the u-boot,
| and wanted to erase them all, so I used the "defaultenv" command in
| u-boot to reset them to the beginning. The "beginning" I think it's not
| a working environment.
| Now the environment is messed and I can't boot from NAND, only from NOR,
| even if I want to use internal flash and not SD.
| re-flashing the bootloader does not change the environment.

I think what your missing then is dynpart or dynparts to fill in more of
the environment for you, then saveenv.

| Unknown command 'Boot' - try 'help'
| is there a way to avoid this?

No immediate idea, sorry.

This kind of thing is why there is no private environment in Qi.

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