espeak, mbrola, utf8, navit : problem with french, accentuated letters

Gilles Casse list at
Fri Jan 2 19:19:29 CET 2009

Xavier Cremaschi wrote:
> I added in /etc/speech-dispatcher/speechd.conf
>   DefaultLanguage "fr"
>   AddModule "mbrola" "sd_generic" "mbrola.conf"
>   DefaultModule mbrola
> and I created a mbrola.conf in /etc/speech-dispatcher/modules

Your mbrola.conf works fine, variables expanded correctly 
(speech-dispatcher 0.6.7 / hackable:1). Perhaps unexpected characters? 
For comparision, my files are there:

There is though a huge latency for talking a small text using mbrola + 
the fr5 database, around 3 seconds :-/
fr5 is around 5MB, copied on /tmp.

Best regards,

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