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Sat Jan 3 05:33:21 CET 2009

Sean Moss-Pultz <sean <at>> writes:

<snip....lots of stuff>


Kudos to you for your openness about the status of Openmoko Inc and the future
roadmap, the numbers so far and future ambitions.    Also for your hints about
some of the hard decisions and pain along the way.

Its no small achievement to take this start up to the stage where it can look
forward to improving existing software stacks based on solid FSO middleware and
future product releases given these tough economic times and all in the
community will be pleased to hear that this can be the case.

Having been part of product dev previously I am very forgiving of the hw and sw
bumps in the road that are inevitable - keep up the good work!

I will buy another Openmoko phone as soon as the next one is released. 

Happy new year


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