[FSO] Speed gps time to firxt fix up?

Fox Mulder Quakeman1 at gmx.net
Sat Jan 3 13:50:18 CET 2009

Since a few weeks i'm using fso-gpsd without any big problems so far.
The only problem is that the TTFF (time to first fix) is always >1
minute and sometimes it needs quite a lot of time. The only solution for
me to be sure to get a fix within <30 sec is to use the agps tool which
downloads the almanac and ephemeris from ublox for my region.
The problem is, that the gps chip doesn't have any internal memory why
it needs to download all relevant gps data every time it is powered up.
So i thought if it is possible to save the relevant gps data before
shutting down the gps which can be done by fso-gpsd or kernel
automatically. Than after starting the gps fso-gpsd/kernel feeds back
the data to speed up the TTFF. This would be the same way most gps
receivers work.
Maybe this is already implemented somewhere but i don't think so because
the TTFF without agps is always quite slow.


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