[FSO] Speed gps time to firxt fix up?

Fox Mulder Quakeman1 at gmx.net
Sat Jan 3 23:55:10 CET 2009

I use debian with fso and when i install fso-gpsd no gpsd is installed
as dependency because it would make no sense.
Fso-gpsd IS the gpsd compatibility wrapper which does the same what gpsd
does for the client applications. So be sure not to have fso-gpsd and
gpsd installed. Both programs try to access the gps which doesn't work.

My current version of fso-gpsd in debian is 0.8-2 and my fso-frameworkd
is Both are from the official debian repository.


lollisoft wrote:
> I haven't success.
> My FSO is the 'more homework' version 4.1.
> Installing gpsd really installs fso-gpsd. Installing tangogps complains
> about having two
> versions matching gpsg, eg. the fso-gpsd and the compatibility (gpsd)
> wrapper that seems
> to be installed with fso-gpsd.
> What version do you use exactly (image locations) ?
> Tahnks
> Lothar
> lollisoft wrote:
>> Thanks,
>> I'll try that too. Also when the connections to the port are more than 0
>> it could be
>> useful to disabling illume to lower the brightness and the like.
>> Is this possible within a script ?
>> Lothar
>> Fox Mulder wrote:
>>> I did nothing special.
>>> I only deinstalled gpsd and installed fso-gpsd. Some time ago fso-gpsd
>>> wasn't working good at all. But a few weeks ago i tried again to replace
>>> gpsd with fso-gpsd and since than it works ok.
>>> Interesting is that with fso-gpsd the gps chip is activated as soon as a
>>> connection to the fso-gpsd port is opened. And it is deactivated when
>>> the last connection closes. This feature has pros and cons but at the
>>> moment i like it. :)
>>> Ciao,
>>>      Rainer
>>> lollisoft wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> what did you made to get GPS working in general ?
>>>> See my post about GPS ...
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Lothar
>>>> Fox Mulder wrote:
>>>>> Since a few weeks i'm using fso-gpsd without any big problems so far.
>>>>> The only problem is that the TTFF (time to first fix) is always >1
>>>>> minute and sometimes it needs quite a lot of time. The only solution
>>>>> for
>>>>> me to be sure to get a fix within <30 sec is to use the agps tool which
>>>>> downloads the almanac and ephemeris from ublox for my region.
>>>>> The problem is, that the gps chip doesn't have any internal memory why
>>>>> it needs to download all relevant gps data every time it is powered up.
>>>>> So i thought if it is possible to save the relevant gps data before
>>>>> shutting down the gps which can be done by fso-gpsd or kernel
>>>>> automatically. Than after starting the gps fso-gpsd/kernel feeds back
>>>>> the data to speed up the TTFF. This would be the same way most gps
>>>>> receivers work.
>>>>> Maybe this is already implemented somewhere but i don't think so
>>>>> because
>>>>> the TTFF without agps is always quite slow.
>>>>> Ciao,
>>>>>      Rainer
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