Using mplayer with seme desktop symbols for streaming stations and wlan :-)

Daniel Nöthen bip_trash at
Sun Jan 4 01:17:56 CET 2009

Robin Paulson wrote:
> killall isn't the cleanest way to stop an app running - iirc you only
> want to use that when an app is misbehaving
> one of the SIG signals might be better - have a look at SIGTERM and
> SIGHUP and some of their brethren; i can't remember which is best
> here.

killall is almost the same as kill. But instead of sending the signal to
the given PID it sends the signal to all processes with the given name.
Both send the SIGTERM signal when no other is specified.
SIGTERM allows the process to run a cleanup routine before closing.

What you probably mean is the killall -SIGKILL command which kills the
process without giving it the chance for run any cleanup routines.

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