Offer to write some neat programs for the Freerunner

Sargun Dhillon xbmodder+openmoko at
Sun Jan 4 10:32:09 CET 2009

So, I want to start my Freerunner development back up. I was thinking
of a few different Apps to write, please give your comments (Tell me
what you want):
A) Assassin game
A game where you can 'kill' other Openmokos, it would like Via
Bluetooth/Wifi. This would mostly be a gimmick based off of
B) Open Source Push
Everybody has heard of Push, right. This whole "Push E-mail, Push
application notification." I was basically playing with the idea of
writing a push framework for the Freerunner. People could write apps
that would be triggered by emails, weather changes, etc.
C) Traffic monitoring, and call management
This idea entails that when you are driving at high speeds on the
roads, it'll put your phone into a silent profile mode. It could also
setup call forwarding/allow an SMS to come in that would unlock the
freerunner's mode, in case of "emergency" call.

Now one thing, I'm planning on charging for these apps. A tiny bit,
but still a bit. I need the cash.

So, tell me what do you guys want to buy first?

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