Offer to write some neat programs for the Freerunner

Jos vd Snepscheut jos at
Sun Jan 4 12:11:29 CET 2009

Hello Sargun.

Yes I have a few programs I would like to pay for a little (as I did for
1) a keyboard, yes yet an otherone, like Touchpal. See

TouchPal is an innovative soft keyboard on Windows Mobile platform, powered
by T+ input technology.
Why TouchPal?
It's Cool!

"Flow" your keyboard by sweeping with your finger!
Switch between three layouts: T+, Full-Qwerty, 9-key PhonePad.
Resize your keyboard anytime!

It's Easy!
Big buttons. Finger friendly.
Up to 300 chars/min, faster than your hard keyboard!
Input puntuations, numbers and uppercase letters without view switching

It's Smart!
Powerful mistyping correction
Clever prediction based on context
Predict next word

It's Innovative!
T+ technology. Predictive + Precise.
Word association
Super big dictionaries (40,000 English words, 140,000 French words...)

It's Customizable!
"My Sentences" with parameters (e.g., "See you in X mins")
Customizable emotion symbols (e.g. :-o, ^_^)
You can develop your own layout or language pack with SDK tool. 

2) My agenda on my "Desktop" just like alarmToday see
starting apps and turning on/off wifi bluethooth is already don by

3) Make Openmokopanel better, less cpu and mem, possibility to make it lager
(my eyes are getting less)

This are my 2 cents (willing to pay a little bit more =^D, see price's an
the website's above. payment by paypall??)
hope this is wat you want,



Sargun Dhillon wrote:
> So, I want to start my Freerunner development back up. I was thinking
> of a few different Apps to write, please give your comments (Tell me
> what you want):
> A) Assassin game
> A game where you can 'kill' other Openmokos, it would like Via
> Bluetooth/Wifi. This would mostly be a gimmick based off of
> B) Open Source Push
> Everybody has heard of Push, right. This whole "Push E-mail, Push
> application notification." I was basically playing with the idea of
> writing a push framework for the Freerunner. People could write apps
> that would be triggered by emails, weather changes, etc.
> C) Traffic monitoring, and call management
> This idea entails that when you are driving at high speeds on the
> roads, it'll put your phone into a silent profile mode. It could also
> setup call forwarding/allow an SMS to come in that would unlock the
> freerunner's mode, in case of "emergency" call.
> Now one thing, I'm planning on charging for these apps. A tiny bit,
> but still a bit. I need the cash.
> So, tell me what do you guys want to buy first?
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