[2008.12] Help with Om.2008.12 on microsd

Evgeny Karyakin anthropophagite at gmail.com
Sun Jan 4 13:24:12 CET 2009

2008/12/30 Andy Green <andy at openmoko.com>:
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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | Em Sab, Dezembro 27, 2008 04:06, Kosa escreveu:
> |> I've been trying to boot 2008.12 from a microsd but it just can't.
> |> It starts booting but then it stops with an "Only GTA01 hardware
> |> supported by ASoc driver" message.
> |
> | Happens to me also, but after that message I also have the following
> | messages (not sure if they change from boot to boot):
> |
> | Unknown HZ value! (87) Assume 100.
> | mount: special device /dev/mmcblkp01 does not exist
> | ALSA: restoring mixer settings...
> | Configuring network interfaces... /usr/sbin/alsactl: load_state:1327: No
> | soundcards found...
> | ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): usb0: link is not ready
> | done.
> |
> | I can shutdown by holding the power button.
> | I have FDOM in the same card and it works fine.
> I was just meddling with this in NAND, I believe that "ro" on the kernel
> commandline is fatal for startup of 2008.12.  When I removed it from Qi,
> 2008.08 started up OK.
> So check your U-Boot env if you're using that for "ro", or try adding rw
> to /boot/append-GTA02 if you are on SD Card and Qi.
> It's pretty common to boot with rootfs ro initially...

   I have these problems also, and adding "rw" to append-GTA02 didn't
solve it. Full content of my /boot/append-GTA02 is this: "console=tty0
loglevel=8 rootdelay=1 rw" (brainless copy-paste of everything related
from Qi wiki page[1]).
   Problem is, I can't even tell for sure if Neo (Qi actually) boots
from uSD or NAND. Hurting my eyes on running on-screen log I saw
something like "Waiting for 1sec before rootfs", which suggests that
it's Qi taking appeng-GTA02 into consideration. Still I have multiple
"read-only filesystem" tar warnings.
   Every power-up after battery out+in gives Neo several seconds to
boot up -- detailed logs on screen -- then it just switches off. Next
boots freezes like described by other people in this thread. First
"successful" boot freezed on these lines in on-screen log:
asoc: WM8753 HiFi <-> s3c24xx-2c mapping ok
asoc: WM8753 Voice <-> Bluetooth mappgin ok
Only GTA01 hardware supported by ASoc driver
   Next "successful" boot ended up with previous lines plus this
(<...> means long message):
mount: special device /dev/mmcblk0p1 does not exist
ALSA: <...>
<...> load_state:1327: No soundcard found...
usb0: link is not ready
   And it freezed again. uSD card must be good, because I can
read-write it through notebook card reader and if I go to NAND menu
and modify boot command line to load from uSD, it works just fine.
Behaviour is unstable: I could boot (from NAND!) *once* while trying
to boot from uSD/Qi , and it's the same with 2008.12 release as well
as with 04.01.2009 testing. I also boot with SIM card inserted so weak
uSD reader contacts shouldn't be an issue.
   Should I return to u-boot technique for starting up Neo? I wanted
to give Qi a try for it is a "modern" way of doing things.


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