(OM2008.12) Blackness

Thomas White taw27 at cam.ac.uk
Sun Jan 4 21:36:33 CET 2009

Paul <paul at nlpagan.net> wrote:

> I know, I am going through distro's like crazy, but that's how I am.
> I flashed OM2008.12 but I can't keep it going. It boots, and after 
> something like only 30 seconds it already blanks the screen and plays 
> dead. Is there some setting I can adjust quickly to keep it working?

When you say it boots, do you mean it got all the way to an X desktop?

It sounds like you might be experiencing a crash when suspending or
resuming, and auto-suspend is switched on.  You can disable this in
Settings.  I used to have problems like yours (almost every time I
enabled automatic suspend, I would get resume problems), but now they
seem to have settled down a bit.


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