Re2: [QtExtended] Proper way to invoke suspend?

Martin Bernreuther martinbern at
Sun Jan 4 23:39:00 CET 2009

Hello Lorn,

thank you for the fast answer.

Am Sonntag, 4. Januar 2009 22:58 schrieb Lorn Potter:
> > What is the proper way to suspend the Freerunner for QtExtended?
> > (Probably the last one. But is there more to be done?)
> Proper way is to just let it suspend on it's own.

My problem is, that sometimes it won't...
Let's assume the "On Battery" Power Management settings for
"Dim light", "Display off" and "Suspend" are 10s, 30s and 1min
and after using the phone, I'll put it in a pocket. The touch screen will be touched
all the time... and "Suspend" (or even "Display off" etc) might never be reached!
And that's very bad for the operating time!

> > The next question will be how to configure the lock icon (padlock.png for finxi)
> > on the home screen (the rightmost icon on the bottom) to be connected with the
> > suspend command/service... (instead of Screen Lock)
> You would have to edit the code and recompile, as this is not how the screen lock currently works.

Screen lock currently will only lock the screen, but won't assure the
"Suspend" (or "Display off", if "Suspend" is disabled etc) to happen.
(If nothing will touch the screen, I don't need a screen lock.)
Why is the Screen lock not setting the display to "Display off" or even
invoke a suspend (if this is enabled) after a couple of seconds.
That's better for the battery, or not?

Therefore the idea to manually suspend the FR...
and to have an icon for that, which is easy to reach and not needed any more,
since the screen of a suspended FR needs not to be locked.

	Martin Bernreuther
Martin Bernreuther	martinbern at

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